qc terme progetto netcomm award

QC Terme is a spa and resort with a unique charm, a place to enjoy your time, for a total wellness experience. The pleasure of the experience is at the base of everything, also on the new e-commerce web site, designed to offer the user a virtual place where the buying process becomes fast and pleasant.

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A section dedicated to the different centers shows also the beauty of the places, characterized by different atmospheres, without forgetting to provide important information for the guest.

UI/UX Performance

A satisfying browsing user experience lies both on a fast content response and a fluid and innovative page transition.

The product is at the center of the site with an easy-to-read catalogue, where the most important information is shown immediately, simply by moving the mouse on the product, in order to help the user find his way between massages, stays and cosmetic products.

It’s designed to have the best visual impact and, at the same time, to provide all the necessary data, also thanks to in-depth information that can be viewed on demand. The use of large images and suggestive galleries is meant to show the mood that characterizes each product.